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About Easy Care Sheep

Easy Care sheep have been developed as a low maintenance sheep, producing lambs which are lively at birth and produce a good carcase on a low input system. Shedding wool, doing away with the expense and hassle of shearing is one of their main attractions. Developed from the Wiltshire Horn "hair sheep", crossing with other breeds has resulted in no horns, hardiness, easy lambing, good mothering ability and low veterinary requirements. The breed is Easy Care.


We produced our first lamb boxes from our Easy Care Sheep some years ago and plan to sell some this year.

lambs at cuckoo farm

In 2019 we are lambing in February and April. We have organic whole or half lamb/hogget/ boxes available to order from July. The abattoir we use is small, local and as stress-free as possible for our animals.

We have introduced a Suftex ram this autumn (Suffolk x Texel) for some of the ewes and we will be interested to see the lambs he throws.

Our lambs suckle the ewes and graze our organic pastures until they are at least 3 months old. After weaning they graze fresh pasture until they are ready for slaughter.

lamb carcases ready to cut up

You can order a half or whole lamb box cut up as you request, or if you are a budding DIY butcher, order to cut up yourself.

Lamb/hogget/mutton boxes/lamb packs

We have organic lamb and hogget for sale now (November). Hogget is last year's lamb, it has a stronger flavour than lamb, but is still tender.

Our mutton will be available in the autumn. For more about hogget and mutton see hogget-mutton page.

Call and ask about our lamb packs if you can't manage a whole or half lamb.

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Buy boxes of whole or half lamb or hogget/mutton collected or delivered. Whole lamb for DIY butchering collected from the farm.

Lamb Boxes collected from the farm Price
Whole Lamb or mutton Box £135.00
Half Lamb or mutton Box £70.00
DIY whole lamb carcase call for price
Whole hogget box £140.00
Half hogget box £75.00

Lamb Boxes comprise: Joints, chops, etc

Prices subject to change call to check

We can arrange delivery of your meat to you in an insulated box by overnight courier.

Lamb Boxes delivered to you Price
Whole Lamb Box £call for price
Half Lamb Box £call for price
Whole Hogget/Mutton box £call for price
Half Hogget/Mutton £call for price

Lamb Boxes comprise: Joints, chops etc

Prices subject to change call to check

Lamb boxes generally weigh around 9kg/half or 18kg whole

Half box of Mutton from Cuckoo Farm

Half box of mutton shown above. Mutton/Hogget will be approx 12kg/half or 24.5kg whole.

Meat from half a lamb will take up a drawer in your freezer if you are thinking about space.

Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your lamb/hogget and tell us how you would like it butchered (cut up), so we can instruct our butcher.

If you don't think you can manage a whole or half lamb, please contact us to ask about our smaller "lamb packs".

01780 722009