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Organic turkeys, geese, cockerels, chickens and venison with flavour

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Rutland Organics

We are licensed by the Soil Association to produce organic free range poultry - turkeys, chickens, cockerels and geese and eggs. We also produce venison and lamb and have this year started breeding our own rare-breed pigs.

All our stock is organic and welfare is of great importance to us. We use organic certified feed and supplement with our own organic cereals.

We grow the birds slowly and they spend most of their lives rangeing freely over our organic pastures. Our herd of Fallow deer graze round the chicken huts. The sheep graze our clover-rich organic meadows.

At Christmas, when the time comes, we handle each bird individually, keeping stress to a minimum and they are despatched quickly. We dry pluck and finish by hand. We then hang birds to develop flavour and tenderness ensuring your Christmas meal will be one to remember. Our birds are sold oven ready with giblets (for that wonderful gravy!).

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Cuckoo Farm Camping

Stay on our organic, family-run farm. The dedicated family-friendly campsite gives you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Relax on the farm or explore the local area. See for availability and further details. Look out for our Valais Blacknose sheep!

Honey - Valais Blacknose sheep

Chickens 2021

We usually rear one or two batches of chickens during the year.

If you would like chicken, please contact us. For more information see the poultry page.

Organic Chickens and Cockerels

organic free range chicken

We rear organic chickens. Cockerels and turkeys are produced for Christmas. They are housed in mobile huts and range our organic pastures. They are fed an organic cereal based diet free of antibiotics and growth promoters.

Our small flock of laying hens produce our naturally dark-yellow-yolked organic free range eggs.

organic free-range Christmas Cockerel

Rutland Organic Heritage Turkeys

We keep our own breeding flock of organic turkeys and hatch our own poults to rear ourselves and sell to others.

Christmas Organic Turkeys

Our traditional and rare breed organic turkeys, Norfolk Black, Cambridge Bronze, Bourbon Red, Slate Blue and Lavender are reared slowly resulting in a superior taste for Christmas. Grandly referred to as "Heritage Turkeys" by some, our turkeys are gaining in popularity due to the moist, finely textured meat and delicious flavour.

Rutland Organic Heritage turkey - a taste of the past.

Cambridge Bronze turkey

All our birds are humanely slaughtered on the farm to reduce transport stress and then hung in our cold room to develop flavour and tenderness. They are sold oven-ready with giblets.

Cuckoo Farm Venison

Our herd of Fallow deer grazes with the poultry. The deer are fed our organic oats and hay when necessary. Cuckoo Farm organic venison is available fresh for Christmas, as bone-in saddle roast or haunch joints.

We also sell boxes of organic venison. See Cuckoo Farm Venison page for details.

Our herd of Fallow Deer


Our flock of Easycare sheep is growing and we are planning to have lamb reared organically for sale. We lamb in Feb/March and the sheep graze our clover-rich organic pasture.

Lamb boxes available. See the sheep page for more details.

Easycare sheep