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Rare breed free range pork from happy pigs

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Rare-breed Pork

Pig management

Cuckoo farm rare breed pork is produced occasionally when the pigs have finished their weed control duties. We buy up to four weaners and rear them slowly, living outside, with an ark for shelter.

pigs in their house

At feeding time, on cold mornings, we often had to go across the paddock to shout. They did not want to leave their warm house!

Deep straw and company makes for happy pigs even when the weather is cold and snowy.

feeding time!

The pigs - Gloucester Old Spot cross this time - currently, Madonna, Britney and Beyonce, root to their hearts content on our organic land. They are fed our organic oats and a non-gm, but not organic approved ration. Our pigs are around 10 months old at slaughter, compared with commercial pigs taking as little as 18 weeks.

Madonna, Britney and Beyonce having a shower.
Beyonce is definitely the noisiest of the pigs, she starts squealing from the moment she sees anyone, until she is fed!

Piggy characters

We have had Tamworth pigs in the past, they do not have floppy ears and tend to be a bit flighty. We find floppy-eared pigs easier to manage!

The first two, Geraldine and Georgina avoided the chop as they went on for breeding - back to their farm of birth.

pigs mark 2 - Peggy, Sue

Peggy, Sue, Marilyn and Bridget (Bar-dot!)

Georgina the Tamworth pig


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